3 Rooms In Your House A Skylight Would Be Perfect For

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Skylights are one of the most unique ways to let light into your home, which is why they're so popular as a stylish home addition today. Thanks to their placement, skylights also allow more natural warmth indoors, lowering your energy bills. Plus, they can even make your rooms appear larger and airier, all while adding an air of style and luxury. But where should you put one? If you're desperate for a skylight but you're still debating its location, here are three rooms that can really benefit from a ceiling window.

1. Kitchen

When you consider the numerous benefits of a skylight, your kitchen becomes a natural location choice. Do you, like most people, get frustrated when chopping vegetables and preparing meals under the shadow of your cabinets? A skylight will let more natural light in where you need it, helping immensely with food preparation and cooking safety. If your kitchen is on the small size or cramped with storage and utensils, a skylight can also make the room feel larger. Finally, installing a skylight will boost your kitchen's ventilation, reducing mold-causing condensation.

If you decide to put your skylight in the kitchen, the space above your island bench will make an excellent location for food preparation. Keep positioning in mind too: an east-facing skylight will let in more sunlight in the morning, which is ideal for breakfast, while a north-facing one will let in light throughout the afternoon.

2. Bathroom

The biggest benefit of a skylight in your bathroom is the convenient privacy. Most homeowners have small windows in their bathrooms to ensure that no one can peer in from the outside. However, this decision may come back to haunt you as the lack of ventilation and excess moisture can cause mould and mildew to grow. With a skylight mounted on the ceiling, you can get all the privacy you need without compromising on ventilation. 

For the best results, choose a vented skylight. As an added bonus, it'll save you money on air extractor bills.

3. Attics

Attics are a great way to utilise all the space in a home, but the downside is that they don't have much wall space. This makes finding the right type of window for your attics particularly difficult, which is one reason why many homeowners use their attics for nothing but storage. Skylights are the perfect solution to this problem because they're designed to fit into roofs.

Another notable benefit of an attic skylight is the ability to control your home temperature without added electricity bills. If you live in a hot climate, consider facing your skylight south, which will allow less hot sun rays inside. Installing your skylight facing north, on the other hand, will allow you to make the most of the sun, which is especially beneficial in colder parts of Australia.

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