Why uPVC Makes for an Excellent Framing Material for Your Double-Glazed Doors

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Like many homeowners, you are constantly looking for new ways to improve energy efficiency at home. Achieving better energy efficiency reduces your annual household energy usage and saves you money on domestic utility bills. 

Ditching your regular doors for double-glazed versions is a clever way to achieve high insulation against changing temperatures and increase your domestic energy ratings, but the benefits do not stop there. Some double-glazed doors can even provide insulation against noise. 

The performance of your doors will be affected by many factors, including the framing material used on the doors. uPVC frames have become a leading choice for double-glazed doors in recent times.

Highlighted below are some top advantages these door frames can bring to users.

They do not conduct heat or cold

For double-glazed windows and doors to be effective at keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer, they should offer high resistance to heat or cold. 

uPVC does not conduct outside temperature and transfer it into your space as aluminium would. As a result, it is a reliable choice of door framing when it comes to keeping your home thermally efficient. 

They are hard-wearing and long-lasting

uPVC is resistant to most elements that shorten the life of other door framing materials. Unlike timber, this material does not warp, rot or suffer insect damage. It is also thicker than aluminium and thus will not break as easily. 

As a result, uPVC door frames offer a longer working life than alternative framing options available today. The increased durability helps offset the higher upfront cost of these frames.

They require very little maintenance

Since they offer high resistance to most inclement elements, uPVC door frames are practically maintenance-free.

Unlike timber versions, these door frames do not need regular repainting or re-staining to preserve their structural integrity and keep looking good. A little regular cleaning is enough to make them reach their expected lifespan. 

They can be decorative

While uPVC may not be the most aesthetically striking door framing material available to you, it comes in decorative colours and stylish finishes that can enhance the beauty of your home. All you have to do is choose a look that blends nicely with your house style and exterior home environment.

Many framing options exist for double-glazed doors to match varied needs and budgets. Contact a double-glazing door provider to get your quote or learn more about your options.

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