A Simple Guide to Choosing a High-Quality Security Door for Your Property

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Keeping your property and family safe is a critical aspect every homeowner aims to achieve. Installing security doors is one way you can do that. However, numerous options available on the market makes the selection process a significant challenge. This post outlines what defines a great security door to prevent you from making a substandard purchase. Whether you need a security door for your home or commercial building, consider this helpful guide to get started.

Choose a Door with a Stronger Frame

Pick a security door made from strong, corrosion-resistant aluminium or steel metal. Invariably, these doors can be designed from a couple of strong materials. However, there is more to having a stronger frame than simply its material. Consider a door with a deeper receiver channel to prevent its edge from being pushed out. Additionally, opt for extra corner reinforcement to enhance the security element. 

Pick a Door with Multi-Point Locking

Multi-point or three-point locks should be a mandatory feature on every security door. The door locks at the top, middle and bottom once the key is turned in a three-point locking system. That's unlike a single-point lock, where locking only happens at a single point. Multi-point locking is facilitated by a couple of steel rods linked to the middle lock that applies the same locking effect to the other remaining two upon turning the key. Consequently, this makes it pretty challenging for burglars to break in. 

Opt for Stainless Steel or Punched Aluminium Mesh

When choosing the ideal security door materials, consider stainless steel or punched aluminium mesh. These two make the door's infill screen. However, stainless steel meshes are the most commonly used and are made from corrosion-resistant, marine-grade steel. If you prefer a different feel or appearance, opt for punched aluminium that provides similar security standards as steel. Other cheaper options include diamond aluminium grilles, but they don't provide the same security level as stainless steel or aluminium. 

Consider Security Doors with Weld-On Hinges

Last but not least, hinges play a significant role in the smooth operation of your security door. High-quality security doors should come with weld-on hinges. That's particularly critical to ensure that the door is bolted to the fixing frame on the wall for more reinforcement. If you opt for a much heavier door, choose one that comes with pin hinges that can withstand and support the weight. 

This simple guide will help you choose a security door for your home or commercial premises. Remember to work with a reputable local vendor for affordable and high-quality security doors that comply with Australian security door standards. 

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