What Makes Aluminium Windows So Distinctive?

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Although there is nothing wrong with timber-framed windows or those that are made from uPVC, they do not offer the same properties as aluminium. These days, aluminium doors and windows are being installed in many residential buildings because Australian homeowners are increasingly realising how beneficial they can be. Not so many years ago, aluminium doors used to be only found in commercial premises. If you are considering new doors and windows for your home, then why would you choose aluminium for their frames? Read on to find out.

An Attractive Finish

To being with, aluminium windows look very good and even futuristic if they are left in their natural silver state. Aluminium can be painted or lacquered, so you can have it in any colour you like. However, you don't need to colour it at all because the silvery appearance of the metal is how it looks in its oxidised state. Once it has gone this colour, it will not alter even if it is exposed to rainwater every day. That's why it is often used for the portholes on luxury yachts as well as for windows. Anyone seeking a uniform look for their aluminium windows should also know that the metal can be powder coated, which means an even finish can be obtained.

Superior Strength

As well as looking great, aluminium windows are very strong. The metal can hold large double and even triple-glazed sections of glass without buckling because aluminium has a property known as high tensile strength. In other words, you can use it to span larger than usual gaps without any supporting parts of the frame. So if you want an uninterrupted view out of your window or even a patio door with a very thin frame width, this is the material for you. In short, aluminium windows will allow more light in because more space is devoted to glazing and less to the frame.

Excellent Thermal Insulation

Because aluminium is a metal, you might think that it conducts heat well, just like copper or titanium. This is true, but this is not a problem for modern aluminium windows because manufacturers tend to put a thermal break between the outer section of the frame and the inner one. This does two things. First, it prevents excessive thermal losses to the outside when you have your central heating on in the winter. Second, it will stop your home from heating up unduly when the sun's rays hit the outer part of the frame by halting heat transference to the inside. The same cannot be said of all window frames.

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