4 Features to Consider When Buying a Security Screen Door for Your Home

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Security screen doors play a functional and aesthetic role in a home. They enhance security while increasing the visual appeal of your entryway. When buying a security screen door for your home, you're bound to come across standard features and styles. Most people focus on security and forget about visual appeal. Luckily, you can have both. Therefore, before you choose the standard options on the market, consider the following features.

1. Custom grille patterns

Your security screen door is the first fixture people see as they approach your entryway. Thus, it's worth choosing a suitable grille pattern to improve the visual appeal of the door. Security doors are often associated with unappealing prison-like bars. However, this doesn't have to be the case. You can choose any grille pattern, from floral patterns to diamond to vertical patterns. If you select a custom pattern, be careful not to go with an overly-intricate design. The more complex the pattern is, the thinner the metal is stretched, which can compromise its strength. 

2. Anti-corrosive materials

Corrosion is a security door's biggest enemy. Corrosion weakens metal and makes it easy to manipulate. Thus, if you want your door that will withstand attempted break-ins, go for anti-corrosive materials. This includes everything, from the framing material to the screws, rivets and other door hardware. For your security screen door, choose corrosion-resistant materials such as wrought iron, aluminium and galvanised steel. Steel door hardware should be coated with zinc to protect them from eroding. 

3. Custom door colour

A security screen door should blend seamlessly with the entryway and the exterior decor of the home. Thus, don't consider the standard factory colours only. You can choose any custom colour depending on the exterior colour scheme and building style. For example, if you want a wooden look for your entryway, use earthy tones to give the door a rustic feel. For modern homes, choose contemporary colours such as matte black, grey, maroon, blue and many more. Ensure to get quality powder coatings that will preserve the door's visual appeal throughout its usable life.

4. Multi-lock system

A functional security screen door is burglar-proof. There's no better way to increase the security of your home than by investing in a multi-lock system for your security door. Instead of the traditional single lock, install two or three locks on the security door. You can have one at the top and another at the bottom of the door. The extra locking systems make it harder for intruders to access your home.

Security screen doors don't have to make your home look like a prison. With the above tips, you can find a door that both secures your home and improves its appearance.

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