Purchasing Printed Roller Blinds: What Factors Should Determine Your Choice?

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One of the best window treatments you can get for your windows is the roller blinds. Homeowners prefer installing them due to their outstanding designs and flexible nature. Besides, they come in various materials that are meant to meet different customer needs.

One of the options you will come across when you hit the market is the printed roller blinds, known for boosting the home's décor, regulating light, reducing cooling expenses, among other benefits. It's vital to familiarise yourself with the key factors before making the final choice. Some of these factors are outlined below.

1. Material colour

The simplest colour rule states that dark materials absorb light while lighter ones brighten a room. So, depending on the window positioning, you might need to choose a bright printed material or dark one. For instance, you will need less light and more privacy in a bedroom, so the printed roller blind material should be dark. On the other hand, a living room should be bright throughout the day, so you should get a translucent fabric. You will require a material that's water-resistant for the kitchen and bathroom regardless of the colour because the atmosphere is usually moist.

2. Style

Printed roller blinds come in various patterns and designs to meet the different user requirements. As such, you must choose patterns that complement the room's décor perfectly to make it appear modern and trendy. However, be careful not to pick a colour or pattern that clashes with the décor as this will affect the general appearance. Take the time to compare patterns, colour, and design based on the room's décor requirements. You can always talk to a professional to determine the best prints and colours for each room to get value for your investment.

3. Care

The frequency and level of care for all printed roller blinds usually varies depending on the print style and material. After all, you must keep the windows clean and dust-free to ensure the room appears luxurious and well maintained. Ideally, choose a printed fabric that's easy to clean but isn't too fragile. You should be able to clean the blinds using a cloth or vacuum.

Consider seeking professional cleaning services occasionally to ensure the prints do not lose their colour over time. When they do, their appearance will change, making them unattractive. You can also ask roller blind suppliers about maintenance requirements so you can enjoy the blinds for a long time. 

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