Top Tips for Keeping Your Skylight Clean

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Installing a skylight will bring lots of benefits to your home. In addition to making rooms warmer (thanks to the sun), they flood spaces with natural light. If you're new to having a rooftop window, you may need to learn a little about cleaning one first. Here are some top tips for keeping your skylights clean.

Create a Cleaning Routine

If you already use the services of a window cleaner or if your routine tackles your windows, throw your skylight into the mix. Routine cleaning allows you to avoid the buildup of dust and dirt that dulls the glass over time. Dust is particularly problematic, as it can inflict micro scratches that cause the glass to lose its sheen.

Use Non-Abrasive Solutions

There's no need to rush out and buy a specific cleaning solution for the glass. Mild soapy water does the trick well, so try using either baby shampoo or whatever it is you use to clean your dishes.

If you want to make sure the glass sparkles, clear vinegar works wonders. Mix equal parts vinegar with water, add some of the solution to a dry cloth, and use it to buff the windows. 

Focus on the Right Tools

Alongside using non-abrasive solutions to clean the glass, you need to find tools that won't inflict scratches. For example, the type of squeegee you would use to clean your shower or a sponge that's suitable for cleaning pans with special coatings.

Cleaning the outside of your skylight commands the use of an extendable tool that you can use with ease. If you're struggling to find one or if it seems like too much hassle, turn to a window cleaner to get the best results. Avoid climbing a ladder alone or doing anything else that could make you unsafe.

Avoid Air Drying and Sun Drying

Leaving the glass to dry on its own can cause streaks. To avoid streaks, use a dry lint-free cloth to buff the windows. You may want to follow this by buffing with scrunched up newspaper, as it will add some extra shine.

Sun drying is particularly problematic, as it can cause streaks that are difficult to shift. To prevent this from happening, make sure you clean your rooftop windows on a dull and cloudy day. When there's less sun around, there's less potential for an uneven finish.

Finally, always work from top to bottom when cleaning the glass. By doing so, you'll benefit from a systematic method that increases your chances of enjoying even results.

For more information about skylights, reach out to a window company near you.

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