Which Window Treatments Suit Older Houses?

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There are plenty of older-style properties in Australia that are not really suited to the most modern types of window treatments. If you live in a house that dates back to the Victorian era, for instance, then fitting it with tinted glazing or motorised roller blinds will often mean that your window treatments look out of place. However, you do not need to stick to fussy Victorian curtains with pelmets and heavy velvet linings in order to achieve a good looking window treatment that is still in keeping with the style of home. What sort of window treatment will suit an older home but still function well today?

Plantation Shutters

Firstly, plantation shutters are used all over the world to create a classic look in both modern and older properties. They are certainly in keeping with the architectural styles on show in much of Australia, although you could equally find them at home in cities like Singapore, Miami or even London. One of the great things about plantation shutters is that they are so flexible. Not only do they look good, but they can also be adjusted easily for different conditions. This means that you can get privacy when you want it as well as allowing light to flow in. If you compare plantation shutters to curtains, they win in this regard every time because they are so adaptable.

Roman Blinds

Another option that you might consider for an older property is the use of Roman blinds. Obviously, these have been in constant use since Roman times, and that means that they will look in keeping with just about every style of architecture you could think of. One of the drawbacks with Roman blinds, however, is the fact that they cut off part of the glazing at the top of your window. This is because they cannot be retracted fully, unlike roller blinds, for example. That said, Roman blinds will do a similar job to plantation shutters. However, they require more maintenance, and you will have to factor in washing them once in a while.

Venetian Blinds

Because Venetian blinds were so popular a few decades ago, many people think they are not suited to older residences. In fact, they've been used for centuries. To get the right look, simply avoid aluminium ones and opt for natural woods, such as cherry, for their slats. Wider slats are less fussy looking and more in keeping with modern interior designs whilst still affording the timeless qualities you will want from your window treatment.

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