Buying Blinds? What are Some Pros and Cons to Consider?

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Many people prefer the look of blinds compared to curtains. After all, they tend to be easier to maintain than curtains and they often look much more stylish, too. If you are considering buying them for your home, then what are the main advantages and disadvantages to consider?

Roman Blinds

This type of blind looks great, especially if you have a box or a bay window in your home. Made from fabric, they are a very good alternative to curtains. These blinds offer a great deal of acoustic dampening which may be important if you live close to a busy street, for example.

Nevertheless, Roman blinds require some attention, just like curtains do. They will need to be washed or dry cleaned once in a while. Furthermore, the mechanism that allows you to raise them means that they won't be able to always extend past the top of your window—where most of the available sunlight comes in. Thus, they are not suited to smaller rooms or ones that look a bit dark when you first enter them.

Venetian Blinds

Offering a classic look, this type of blind has been used in all types of setting for centuries. Nevertheless, you can achieve a very modern appearance with Venetian blinds, especially if you go for powder-coated aluminium in a fun colour. Alternatively, more traditional interior decoration styles can be accommodated for with wooden slats.

These highly versatile window treatments have stood the test of time but very large windows often need more than one, so you end up with a gap in the middle or having to overlap them somewhat. Bear in mind that Venetian slats will collect dust, especially when they are held in their horizontal position. That said, they provide plenty of light control and privacy when you need it.

Roller Blinds

Because roller blinds can only be adjusted vertically, they are not able to fine-tune the amount of light you will let in through your window like Venetian ones. However, they are easy to maintain with the simplest of all the control mechanisms used today. What's more, they look great in most modern homes and you can get every colour and design style under the sun for them. Even better, they look barely noticeable when they have been rolled up because they have such a low visual impact.

For more information about which blinds will suit your home, contact local window contractors. 

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