What Are Your Options When Replacing a Sliding Patio Door?

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If you have a sliding patio door that has been damaged, no longer opens properly or which has a frame that is rotting, then it is time to turn to sliding door replacement service. Of course, there are other options to consider, such as fitting French doors instead, but this is not as cost-effective as opting for a sliding door replacement, which will fit in with your current door dimensions without needing to make any costly adjustments to your home. When looking for a sliding door replacement company, what are the main features that you ought to have under consideration? 

  • Low Profile Frames

If you can, then opt for a company that offers a sliding door replacement service, which will mean narrower frames profiles are possible. If your current patio doors are more than about 10 years old, then it is highly likely that they will have thicker frame profiles than is necessary given modern manufacturing techniques. Today, even very large expanses of glazing can be held securely in frames that have lower profiles than ever before. This is something that you can benefit from in both glazed doors as well as windows. Frame materials with greater tensile strength properties now exist, which will allow more of your sliding door replacement to be made up of glass than the surrounding framework. In turn, this means you will get a better view of your garden as well as more light into your home.

  • Higher Security Measures

In the past, sliding patio doors used to be targeted by professional criminals because they were considered a weak link in terms of security. These days, manufacturers have greatly improved their ability to keep intruders out. You can expect better locks than you used to get in the past, so make sure your supplier has proper locking mechanisms that cannot be easily drilled through, for instance. In addition, some sliding doors are now supplied with locks that anchor them at several points around the door in its frame, not just in one place. This is another key feature to look out for.

  • Integrated Blinds

Although you might not need it, integrated blinds that sit between the two panes of a double-glazed sliding patio door are a good window treatment feature to weigh up. When blinds are integrated fully, rather than hanging from your wall internally, they won't get damaged by accidental bumps, and they also don't need to be dusted. As such, this is a feature you may not have considered before but one that you could benefit from.

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