Should You Choose Aluminium Window Frames For Double Glazing?

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Some people question whether aluminium is a suitable material for double-glazed windows. In fact, this metal has long been used in architecture for various functions, and it is a material that is highly suited to use in windows. Single-glazed windows were first made out of aluminium in the 1930s when it was considered a very futuristic, lightweight material. These days, aluminium still offers a modern look which uPVC and wooden frames simply don't. What are the main benefits of aluminium for your next set of double-glazed windows?

Bigger, Better Windows

To begin with, aluminium is a durable material that has a great deal of tensile strength. In terms of double glazing, this is important because it means that it can hold larger sections of glass than would otherwise be possible. For this reason, it is often used for architectural curtain walls as well as domestic windows. Aluminium is capable of being made into larger-than-average window frames, and it allows you to have a lower profile with each of the supporting sections. As a result, each of your windows will have more glass and less framework, something that means they will allow more sunlight in.

Long-Lasting and Maintenance-Free

Aluminium is a weather-resistant material, which means it is great for double-glazed windows. Even if you live by the sea and have lots of salty spray in the air, it will last for a very long time. In fact, the attractive finish that you see with aluminium is it in its oxidised state. Because it cannot deteriorate any further from exposure to moisture, this simple fact means that you do not have to do anything to maintain it. Unlike wooden window frames, for example, no treatment or new layers of paint are required. Just wipe the frame when you clean your windows, and it will remain in excellent condition for years.

Good Thermal Insulation

Aluminium is an efficient conductor of heat energy. For this reason, it needs to have an insulating layer when it is used for double-glazed window frames. These days, most window manufacturers will insert a section of nylon or ABS into their aluminium window frames, which means that they do not act like miniature radiators any more. Not only will this prevent heat from escaping out of your window frames in the winter, but it will also mean that they don't become too hot in the summer either. After all, the last thing you want from your double-glazed window frames is for them to overheat your home.

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